IPS - Fire lockers and lockers for rescue services

Fire lockers IPSLockers specially made for fire-fighters and rescue services. The assembled construction is made from 1 mm and 1,3 mm steel sheet.
The locker is open, so the uniform and equipment can be immediately ready to use. Side panels are perforated to ensure the air circulation.
Metal grates can be equipped with feet ( height 100 mm) and levelling screws. Lockers can be equipped with special tilting helmet holder for additional charge. The holder tilts automatically when pulling the helmet. Its taking is then much easier (see the picture below).
This set is intended to be anchored (hung) to the wall. It is delivered in dismantled form, i. e. package in dimensions of 1800 x 350 x 550 mm.

Air ventilation: special 80 % perforation inside and between the lockers
Height x width x depth (mm): 1780 x 1000 x 500 mm
Equipment: rod, special perforation
Weight net / gross (kg): 48 / 55, 41 / 48 without one side wall
Colour: steel red RAL 3000

Order code:
IPS-18-X15-IIX-Z1 – basic set
IPS-18-X15-IIX-D1 – complementary set

Download assembly manual


Alternative it is possible to add complementary profile for helmet holder.
Herewith we can obtain one more shelf space.

Order code (one more shelf):
IPS-18-X15-IIX-Z2 - basic set - one more shelf
IPS-18-X15-IIX-D2 - complementary set - one more shelf





Photogallery of IPS - Fire lockers and lockers for rescue services

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